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PcP Gratings Ltd has been established since 1986, to cater for the growing demand for innovative grating products within the UK Market.

PcP Gratings’ heritage began in Denmark when a young blacksmith, Peder Christian Pedesen started his business to produce tools and machines for a growing number of customers.

From that start in 1927 his son Peder Fahrsen Pedesen developed the company which grew throughout Europe and formed A/S Maskinfabrikken PcP with its modern grating factories at its roots in Denmark and subsidiary companies extending throughout Europe and beyond.

In 1987 the PF Group was formed as an umbrella organisation to co-ordinate all the group companies worldwide offering collective design, development, innovation, production technology, creativity and quality.

With the resources available to PcP Gratings as part of the PF Group we will always ensure that we and our clients remain…..One Step Ahead

Quality Objective

It is PcP.'s quality objective to be able to manufacture and market gratings, safety gratings and stair treads and accessories in the exact quality requested by the client at any time.

The quality assurance system will include procedures and standards to ensure that the client's requirements and expectations of the quality are known - and that the client will learn about the quality that PcP. expect to deliver.

The quality assurance system will also ensure that the objective will be communicated to employees at all levels so that everybody knows what to do, when and how.

Moreover, it is our quality objective to expand and develop the quality level through currently providing further training and updating of the employees with the development so that a high level of knowledge is maintained and further developed.

The quality resources will mainly be applied for preventive activities so that deviations and deficiencies will be identified as early in the process as possible.

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